Why are boating holidays so special?

Why are boating holidays so special?

In July we sent our newsletter subscribers a short survey and asked why canal boat holidays are so special.

Well done to 97% of respondents who correctly said ‘No’, you don’t need a licence to drive a canal boat.

The same number of people said they think narrowboat holidays are good for families and 96% said they would recommend them to their friends.

Most of our respondents (97%) also believe canal boat holidays are good for your health and 95% agreed they are the fastest way to slow down.

A quarter of our those who completed our survey said they had been on a canal boat holiday this year – or were planning to go later in the year.

We also had many insightful answers to our question, ‘Why are boating holidays special?’

Our competition winner’s answer was: Boating holidays are special because they allow you quality time to spend with the people you love whether that be family or friends, allowing you to experience new places together and provide the fun, group bonding task of getting there! Boating holidays take you back to basics and bring you closer to nature, allowing you to appreciate the important things in life, the ones you love.

Here are just a few of our other favourites:
*World of waterways, waiting to be explored, home from home living….in the great outdoors. Pretty villages, quaint places to stop. Once you come on board, you won’t want to get off!

*Cruise the waterways at a walking pace, discovering and visiting a brand new place! Mooring up for a lunchtime break, feeding the ducks swimming in the wake! A canal break is the break for me, So I can spend quality time with my family.

*My best holidays were spent on a boat, Sometimes with the weather I had to wear a coat, My childhood memories are all there, Floating on the water with no cares, Over aqueducts miles in the air, To see the scenery I would stop and stare. Time has no barrier as you will find, On a boat you are one of a kind, Meeting people whom live on a boat, Life is tranquil and no words are spoke, Wild animals you can see, and sometimes they would stop and look at me.

*I could caravan but I would be stuck, I would camp but I would be covered in muck! I could fly away abroad to the sun, but I would have to leave my dog behind being glum! So I would choose a boating holiday every time, sitting on the roof and drinking wine, while on the move around the UK, stopping here and there discovering new places to stay. Exploring the canals of beautiful Britain, doesn’t matter if it’s raining we can just sit in. Pop the kettle on and admire the view, waving at the ducks while sat on the loo. There is something for everyone so no need to pretend, making memories to last forever with my family and friends.

*Being afloat in a narrow boat gives you time to think with a relaxing drink. As the world drifts by, land water and sky, is all one can see and where I love to be.