Bon Marche Mag - Autumn 06

Make your getaway!

Can you recharge your batteries with a few days away? Jassy Davis puts the short break to the test

Sailing the canals in Yorkshire

Taking a narrowboat holiday had been a dream of mine for years, so I was excited when my partner and I collected our narrowbat from Shire Cruises. We were soon chugging along the canals.

The beauty of this holiday is that you can travel as far as you like. As we were new to steeetring a 48 foot boat, we stopped off after a few hours and explored our narrowboat. It has everything you'd expect: kitchen, dining table, bathroom and bedroom and even central heating and a TV - we wanted for nothing.

Over five days we made our way through the Peak District and back, stopping by dramatic moorlands and historic towns.

Total freedom and new sights every day - that's what I call a holiday.