Ham and High - Autumn 07

Go greener on the canals


Cruising for a week through the country's waterways holidaymakers use just a 20th of the carbon emissions of a return flight to a Mediterranean hotspot.

In its 2008 holiday brochure, UK boat hire, which owns Alvechurch, Red Line, Wessex and Viking boat hire companies, highlights the negligible impact on the environment of cruising the canals and rivers in a comfortable, low-emission narrowboat.

Managing Director Edward Helps of UK Boat Hire, says " Modern narrowboating is not only one of the most relaxing and rewarding holidays but also one of the greenest."

"We care passionately about the wellbeing of our boaters and our waterway environment with the precious wildlife that help to make waterways holidays so special"

To back up the claim, a percentage of every holiday fee goes to "The Waterways Trust Green Fund", which will be used to promote and protect the country's waterways, , to invest in low carbon technologies and various environmental projects such as creating new wildlife habitats.

"We will also encourage holidaymakers to make a voluntary donation of £5 per car to the same fund to offset their own travel to and from their boat." Mr Helps says.

British Waterways which manages 2200 miles of the UKs navigable canals and waterways is also backing the Green Fund and is keen to persuade users of the environmental value of holidays on the waterway.