OK Magazine – Issue 681 – July 7 2009

Angela Griffin

The actress and her husband Jason enjoy a family barge trip and reveal why they need to renew their marriage vows.

Interview by Chrissie Reeves

Photographs by Tony Ward


Luxury trips to places like Marbella , according to Angela Griffin, are about ‘money, money, money' – and spending too much of it on unnecessary items like designer bikinis. But now that Angela has rediscovered her childhood love of barge holidays in Britain , she's introducing her whole family to these sweetly romantic breaks. Captain of her ship is handsome hubby and voice-over actor Jason Milligan, with crew members (well daughters), five-year-old Tallulah Jae and two-year-old Melissa. The loving couple invited OK! To join them as they cruised down the Grand Union Canal in Northampton from Gayton Marina , where they talked about why the recession has put a stopper on their plans for baby number three, as well as their romantic dreams of renewing their wedding vows…

Is it true you're waiting until the credit crunch has gone to have more kids?

Angela: Yeah it really is. I'd love to have another one, but we literally just can't afford it. We can't afford the time out of work. There are hardly any jobs as it is, and to be out of work for nine months while I'm pregnant – I just can't do it. I'm 32 I've got a few more years until we have to panic. I definitely want another baby. Definitely: I'm saying this now but in four or five years, I'll probably be up to my eyeballs!

Jason: We need to talk about that! It's fine her popping out all these babies, but it's me that will be looking after them. What happens when she goes away working for six months at a time?!

How are you enjoying your barge holiday?

Angela: We're having a blissful time on the boat. It's quite warm too, so I'm sitting outside a lot. It's absolutely lovely.

Jason: I've been making lots of cups of tea. As soon as I got on the boat I saw the kettle and the stove and I just thought, I need to make a cup of tea, and so I did – and it worked a treat!

What's been your worst ever holiday?

Angela: I had a real holiday nightmare when I went away with Nicola (Stephenson) and Lisa (Faulkner) once. We went to Zante and it was one of those '60 shots for free' holidays. We'd all just split up with boys, so we listed to Macy Gray on the way to the airport and all ended up crying in the car! We paid £249 quid, and didn't know where we were staying until we got there. When we arrived they put us in a really disgusting hotel – there were stains all over the sheets. But then all of a sudden we thought, lets just try and enjoy ourselves. We ended up having the best holiday ever – a real girlie time!

It's your three-year anniversary in July – have you got any plans?

I'm going to be working. But Jason turns 40 this year, so I think we're going to have a big party for that instead. We're also thinking about renewing our vows. I wanted to do it for Jason because he was really ill with a virus on our wedding day – poor thing. It'd be great to do it again and for him to be able to enjoy it this time around.

What was the highlight of your holiday?

Angela: The whole trip has been amazing, getting a little bit of peace and quiet the British way. It's also really good credit crunch stuff, and when you've got kids you don't really want to be going on planes. It has take just over an hour to get here from London , but it feels like I'm 15 hours away. There's just so much to do in this country and with Gary 's Great Trips (see below) there are some real bargains on loads of days out. One thing that the recession is doing is making people realise that they don't have to spend thousands to have a good family holiday.

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