Scarlet Magazine - Aug 06

Water Works

When half the hens want activity and adventure and the other half just want to sunbathe and drink themselves senseless, there's only one thing to do: book a boat. You don't need to be a qualified skipper to hire a canal boat, and Drifters, a consortium of award-winning boat companies, have hire points all over the country.

After a few hours of instruction, you and your hens are left to sail alone. Active types can be in charge of steering and navigation, while the ladies who lounge can do so on the deck while keeping an eye out for the next stop, which will of course be a pub.

In Birmingham you can start in Bar Room Bar and end up in the Walkabout, and in Liverpool you can kick off at Ha Ha's and end up in the Pumphouse - just like home, really, except that you can sail through any alcohol-induced embarrassment.