Heyday Magazine - Nov 07

The Great Escape

Not everyone spends their Christmas surrounded by family, tinsel and turkey. Heyday meets some people who celebrate the festive season in their own way. by Alison Bourke

Seasonal Sailor Lindy Foster Weinreb will head for the canals

"I've spent half my life running barefoot around boatyards. When I first married, we bought an old salvage boat and converted it to live on. Our first experiences were on canal boats so it seemed logical to start a business introducing people to the joys of canal boating. I ran a fleet of boats for 40 years. It was a fairytale, really. I now have a PR company that deals solely with waterways issues.

Christmas can be a stressful time. You've got the whole family and you're rushing aorund. But spending Christmas with your family on a boaty is excting! Imagine a crisp winter's morning, the water glistening. A typical Christmas is quite magical.

The chimneys are a bit small for Father Christmas to get down so we'll assume he's gone by on a narrowboat the previous night and deposited his goodies. Ducks tapping on the boat saying "Hey, it's breakfast time" will probably wake the kids! You can play games, go for walks, and step back into a time where everything wasn't quite on a plate. I'm 62 and I'm reaching a point where I'm thinking "Do I really want to cook for 12 again ths Christmas ?" On a boat, cooking is a shared experience and it's more fun peeling the spuds on the back of a boat than on a stool in the kitchen!"