UK Canal Network Map


There are over 3000 miles of navigable waterways in the UK, ranging from quaint narrow canals over 200 years old, to rivers such as the Severn and Shakespeare's Avon. Each waterway has a character of its own, due to the different engineers who made them navigable. They pass mainly through the open countryside, where you can really see and appreciate so much more from a boat than in any other way. But many canals also pass through town and cities, so you get a mix of quiet peaceful days and some livelier ones seeing the sights from a different angle. Click here for photo library.

Any change in level of the land is accompanied by locks. Working the locks is part of the fun of a canal holiday: but you can chose your route to have more of less locks depending on your taste.

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map of the UK canals and rivers Map of canals in Scotland map of canals and rivers  in Yorkshire map of canals on North west england map of the canals in Potteries and Peak District Map of canals in the Heart of England map of canals in South Midlands map of canals in South Midlands map of canals in South West England map of canals in South Wales map of canals on Wales canals of London and the south east of England

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